Jewellery of R1,5 million stolen from safe

The Da Vinci clock watch that was among the valuables that disappeared from the safe.

GEORGE NEWS - A Georgian woman has lost valuables worth more than R1,5-million from her home safe, presumably during a visit by an employee from a locksmith.
Sigrid Eifenberger, a Fancourt resident, called out a reputable locksmith to her home to help her open the safe after she had lost the key.
She told the George Herald the most precious piece that was stolen was a very old, priceless DA Vinci clock watch.
According to Lieutenant Annacletta Mothoalo, George Police communication officer, the complainant called out a locksmith on the morning of 15 December last year.
During that time, she left one of the locksmith employees who arrived at her place alone in the upstairs room where the safe was, while she was downstairs talking to someone else at the front door.
She thought nothing of it, until 3 February this year when she opened her safe to take something out, just to discover that it had been emptied.
"She has opened a case of theft and the police obtained statements from the locksmith employees. George Police are looking for anyone who can assist with information or who might have seen anyone trying to sell jewellery or the watch," said Mothoalo.
Eifenberger said she blamed herself for being too trusting. "We have been living at Fancourt for over 20 years and nothing like this has ever happened before.
"The jewellery was not insured.
"I do not worry so much about the jewellery, but it is horrible that the watch is now gone.
" I know that it is very long after the incident to be making a case and to hope to find what we have lost, but we have to try."
The police gave the following list of the stolen items:
  • I.WC. DA Vinci clock watch.
  • Little pear lets with a white gold and small diamonds.
  • Violet (blue dark) chain pearls with blue topaz.
  • Pearl chain with blue acone.
  • Pearl chain with diamond.
  • Chain clear crystals with carved bird.
  • Pearl genuine curved Engel strings.
  • 2 x B6 peridot in gold and green strings.
  • Little pearls string with a blue sapphire yellow gold.
Anyone with information, may phone the police on 044 803 4400.
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