Handbag safe until owner returns

The entrance to Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre.

GEORGE NEWS - In an absentminded moment, a George woman drove off and forgot her handbag with R1000 cash, her credit cards, her cellphone and "my whole life" in a trolley at Eden Meander.
The woman, who is too embarrassed about her inattention to have her name published, said rushing back to the Eden Meander, she prayed all the way.
"At the security department I was reunited with my handbag and I can't tell you how happy I am. Also to know that one can still rely on the honesty of employees."
Incredibly relieved, the "forgetful shopper" said she was overcome by gratitude. She arrived at the George Herald wanting to make a fuss of the trolley security attendant, Sakhe Xhelithole, who found the bag and handed it in.
Eden Meander Centre Manager Natascha Dreyer said the shopping centre staff have been very well trained and know exactly what to do with possession left behind, and where to hand it in. "We regularly get compliments and thanks from our customers and are glad to be of service."
Eden Meander trolley security attendant, Sakhe Xhelithole, was a bit shy about the fuss made of handing in a handbag containing cash and a mobile phone to the Eden Meander shopping centre. 
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