Knee pain and your exercise routine

Most osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers know that exercise is a crucial part of treatment.

LIFESTYLE NEWS - Most osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers know that exercise is a crucial part of treatment and according to sports medicine experts, exercise is wonderful for joints with osteoarthritis, but not all exercise is created equal.
In general, patients with knee osteoarthritis should employ lower-impact, aerobic-type activities such as walking, cycling, elliptical training or water-based exercises. Cycling is one of the best for helping to build one's thigh muscles. Walking is also good, but it may be too difficult for individuals with advanced osteoarthritis. In that case, water aerobics, swimming or even using a stationary bike or elliptical machine are more suitable options.
Stretching primarily helps the muscles, while range of motion (ROM) exercises target the joints. However, they are both extremely important for those with knee osteoarthritis.
Stretching is often neglected in workouts. Most people need to stretch more, especially as they age. It's best to stretch after a good warm-up and after one's workout is concluded.
The purpose of warming up is to get blood flowing to the muscles and to raise one's body temperature. Warmed-up muscles will behave more elastically and are less likely to be injured or strained. A warm-up can be simply one or two minutes of calisthenics like jumping jacks, running in place or a brief ride on a stationary bike.
Joint ROM exercises help keep mobility in the joint and prevent the stiffness and motion loss that is so common with osteoarthritis.
To improve or maintain joint mobility, gently and slowly flex (bend) the joint as much as possible and hold 10 to 20 seconds, then extend (straighten) the joint and hold for another 10 to 20 seconds.
Stretching and ROM exercises should be static, which means no bouncy movements.
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