Voëlklip search has happy ending

View of Herold's Bay from Voëlklip

GEORGE NEWS - A search and rescue operation at the notorious Voëlklip lookout point at Herolds Bay was called off yesterday evening when it came to light that a frantically barking staffie’s owners were safe and sound at home.
ER24 and Metro Rescue were summoned to Voëlklip, the scene of numerous accidents in the past, after receiving an emergency call from a resident saying a dog was barking madly at the edge of the cliff, running back and forth.
The resident assumed the dog was looking for its owner, so he clambered down the rock face and thought he heard human sounds amongst the breakers near a hidden cove just above sea level. He climbed back up and phoned the rescue service for help.
ER24 paramedic Jacques Lourens said they had been searching the area with flashlights for over an hour when a member of the public came forward who knew the dog’s owners.
"He went to the house and returned saying that the owners were fine. The owner told him that their staffie did sometimes go a little ‘bananas’. He apologised."
The search and rescue was called off at 20:00.
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