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Load Shedding News

Eskom warns of possible loadshedding this week
Eskom warns of possible loadshedding this week
2015-09-14 09:01:14 AM
NATIONAL NEWS - Although Eskom has kept the country's lights on for five weeks, following a grueling period of load shedding during winter, the power utility cautioned on Sunday that the power system...
Eskom hopes for load shedding-free summer
Eskom hopes for load shedding-free summer
2015-09-09 09:48:50 AM
NATIONAL NEWS - Eskom says it’s hoping for a load shedding-free summer.The power utility has been able to avoid rolling blackouts for around a month now.During an oversight visit to the Koeberg...
No load shedding for 25 days
No load shedding for 25 days
2015-09-03 11:19:00 AM
NATIONAL NEWS – Eskom announced today that they have been able to supply the country’s electricity needs and do maintenance without implementing loadshedding for the past 25 days.“We...
10 days without load shedding
10 days without load shedding
2015-08-20 01:26:45 PM
NATIONAL NEWS - Eskom was able to supply the country’s electricity and do maintenance without load-shedding for the past 10 days‚ it said yesterday.It said this week was its annual...
Tuesday load shedding status
Tuesday load shedding status
2015-08-11 10:00:35 AM
NATIONAL NEWS - Eskom has yet to announce load shedding for today, Tuesday 11 August. No indication has been given about load shedding later today. More information to follow if the...
Saturday: Stage 1 load shedding
Saturday: Stage 1 load shedding
2015-08-08 05:04:52 PM
GEORGE NEWS - Eskom is implementing Stage 1 load shedding.  The George municipal area will not be affected.  Click here for the George Municipal area load shedding schedules:  ...
Thursday: Stage 2 load shedding
Thursday: Stage 2 load shedding
2015-08-06 01:14:26 PM
GEORGE NEWS - Eskom will implement Stage 2 load shedding from 17:00 today.  George, Wilderness and Waboomskraal will not be affected.  Haarlem and Uniondale will also not be affected. ...
Eskom suspends load shedding
Eskom suspends load shedding
2015-08-06 12:26:00 PM
NATIONAL NEWS - Eskom has just announced that load shedding for today has been suspended for now. Load shedding may be implemented again later today if necessary. More information to follow...
Thursday: Stage 1 load shedding
Thursday: Stage 1 load shedding
2015-08-06 07:01:33 AM
GEORGE NEWS - Eskom has implemented Stage 1 load shedding.  George and Wilderness will not be affected, but Waboomskraal will be off from 10:00 - 12:30. Haarlem and Uniondale will not be...
Wednesday: Stage 2 load shedding
Wednesday: Stage 2 load shedding
2015-08-05 03:31:00 PM
GEORGE NEWS - Stage 2 load shedding will begin at 17:00. George and Wilderness will be off from 20:00 to 22:00. Waboomskraal will be affected from 18:00 to 20:30. Haarlem and Uniondale...

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