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Southern Cape Motoring News

Downgrades hammer fuel price - AA
Downgrades hammer fuel price - AA
2017-04-19 07:58:00 AM
NATIONAL NEWS - Fuel price rises will be the first major expense to hit South Africans in the wake of depreciation of the rand against the US dollar, which has affected buying prices for international...
Car plans explained
Car plans explained
2017-04-18 10:15:00 AM
MOTORING NEWS - Service plans, maintenance plans and warranties all sound like unnecessary car jargon, but each has a particular bearing on how your car is covered.  "They may sound similar to...
Hillclimb 2017: Legends and heroes return
Hillclimb 2017: Legends and heroes return
2017-04-14 08:30:00 AM
SOUTHERN CAPE MOTORING NEWS - For motoring and motorsport enthusiasts, their love of the automobile has been fostered over years of dreaming about iconic cars and the drivers that made them famous....
Mahindra: tough or tender?
Mahindra: tough or tender?
2017-04-13 08:28:00 AM
MOTORING NEWS - Mahindra South Africa recently introduced its tough and stylish TUV300 in South Africa.  "The new Mahindra TUV300 is an authentic off-roader that combines aggressive looks with a...
Tesla roars into second place
Tesla roars into second place
2017-04-13 07:30:00 AM
MOTORING NEWS - Tesla has become the second-largest US car maker in terms of market capitalisation, displacing Ford, whose sales lagged amid concerns about the ability of the US market to keep growing...
Sandero watchword is quality
Sandero watchword is quality
2017-04-12 09:55:00 AM
MOTORING NEWS - Renault has replaced the current Sandero line-up with a completely revised new Sandero model range for 2017 with the flagship Stepway Dynamique 66kW turbo leading, followed by the...
VW emissions scandal update
VW emissions scandal update
2017-04-11 08:45:57 AM
MOTORING NEWS - The Volkswagen (VW) Group continues to work through a long list of civil and criminal lawsuits over its diesel emission cheating scandal in America.  The company recently said it...
RMI president honoured
RMI president honoured
2017-04-10 11:35:00 AM
MOTORING NEWS - Jeanne Esterhuizen, president of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI), has been awarded an honorary fellowship by the UK's Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), becoming the first woman...
Ford's defence in parliament
Ford's defence in parliament
2017-04-07 09:23:00 AM
MOTORING NEWS - The president and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa says the fire that caused Reshall Jimmy’s death in Wilderness was not caused by the same problem that sparked a...
Ovaalbaanwedrenne kook weer!
Ovaalbaanwedrenne kook weer!
2017-04-06 11:02:00 AM
MOTORNUUS - Verlede Saterdag is die eerste been van die nasionale kwalifiseringsrondtes vir ovaalbaanrenne op George aangebied. Hier moes die renjaers aan al die bene deelneem om te kwalifiseer om aan...

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