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Southern Cape Property News

How to outsmart the possible effects of junk status on your home loan
How to outsmart the possible effects of junk status on your home loan
2017-05-16 12:43:00 PM
PROPERTY NEWS - The downgrade to junk status will affect South Africans through the interest due on their outstanding debts as the South African Reserve Bank will probably be forced to increase...
Servitude can impact property values
Servitude can impact property values
2017-05-16 09:44:45 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - What is a servitude and how can it impact the value of a property? According to property legislation, a servitude is a registered right that someone has over the immovable property...
When should you start thinking about buying a house?
When should you start thinking about buying a house?
2017-05-15 09:31:29 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - There is a right time for everything, especially to begin planning to buy a house. Most people will need to rely on their own efforts, rather than the support of family, to buy a...
Features that sell homes
Features that sell homes
2017-05-12 12:01:43 PM
PROPERTY NEWS - It's almost impossible to believe nowadays, but in the not-too-distant past avocado-coloured kitchens, carpeted bathrooms and sponge-painted walls were the height of stylish interior...
DIY painting tips
DIY painting tips
2017-05-11 09:29:01 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - It's great to hire the pros, but when it's just a small job and the budget is tight, you're probably going to tackle that painting project yourself. We have a few painting tips,...
Buy a home before bond qualification becomes harder
Buy a home before bond qualification becomes harder
2017-05-10 09:07:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - The recent political and economic events that have rocked SA have also shaken the confidence of prospective homebuyers, and this is reflected by a decline in the number of home loan...
Is your kitchen frustration-free?
Is your kitchen frustration-free?
2017-05-09 10:16:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - Struggling to find that spatula? Indulging in your love for cooking and baking should be fun, not frustrating.  Make use of these top tips for a frustration-free...
House hunting tips by the experts
House hunting tips by the experts
2017-05-08 10:12:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - As a new buyer on the market, it can be very tempting to dive straight into the show house circuit, but a little preparation can go a long way towards finding that perfect home....
Choosing the perfect colour
Choosing the perfect colour
2017-05-05 07:30:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - Repainting is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a property and give it a much needed makeover. However, choosing the perfect colour can be a challenge, especially with today's...
Double-check the mortgage clause
Double-check the mortgage clause
2017-05-04 08:53:00 AM
PROPERTY NEWS - The mortgage clause in some Offer to Purchase (OTP) or Agreement of Sale documents can be confusing, and home buyers and sellers must be sure before they sign cc that they are not...

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