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Those words mark one of the hardest lessons learnt during my career. Without spilling the beans, it was a major reality check for someone who grew up in a time and place where the selling of land was often concluded with the firm handshake only.  It wasn't a question of "assuming", but the solid faith that your word was as good as gold.Since then the saying made popular by the character Travis Dane in the flick Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - Read more...
09:12 (GMT+2), Fri, 20 January 2017
Kodak made what was probably the most popular (and unexpected) photography announcemen - the company is bringing back the beloved Ektachrome film stock.  But Ektachrome might only be the beginning, according to Kodak CMO Steven Overman, Kodachrome might come back next! So, what is the reason that film manufactures want to restart or increase film production? The mention of film either makes photographers gawk at it due to antiquation or gives - Read more...
13:53 (GMT+2), Thu, 19 January 2017
A delicious pasta to serve your family and friends. Recipe and video below.   Serves 4.   INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons olive oil 750 grams chicken breasts ½ yellow onion, diced Salt, to taste Pepper, to taste 2 cups cremini mushrooms 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 teaspoon thyme 2 teaspoon paprika 4 cups chicken broth 1 cup heavy cream 500 grams farfalle pasta 150 grams spinach 1 cup parmesan PREPARATION 1. Heat 2 tablespoons - Read more...
13:43 (GMT+2), Wed, 18 January 2017
There is a destructive wind blowing around this little town of Knysna, that touches many of us whether we choose to ignore it or not. I had written this column about how there is somebody who goes out of their way to provoke people, create negativity and just generally create a perception of Knysna and its people that is not true – but there was simply no way of writing it without sinking to the same low levels. While pondering the dilemma of - Read more...
09:36 (GMT+2), Wed, 18 January 2017
Die mees traumatiese ervaring waaraan ek myself van tyd tot tyd moet blootstel is om n nuwe foon te kry.  Al die jare het ek 'n wonderlike verhouding met fone met knoppies opgebou en onlangs moes ek finaal my getroue ou BlackBerry groet vir 'n nuwe ding met 'n plat swart gesig, 2 keer groter as my BlackBerry met geen knoppie in sig nie.  Dis traumaties. Ek dink ek gaan vir hom 'n sakkie met bubble wrap maak, want as ek so na die fyn plat - Read more...
12:40 (GMT+2), Tue, 17 January 2017
What’s more degrading than being told in your face you’re carrying lice? I remember at school a poor soul was sent home because her hair was swarming with the wingless parasitic insects. Even when rid of the pests, the stigma remained. She became known as “Lucy Lice”. Cruel. Now I know she felt because my ophthalmologist, peering at my blood-stained eyeballs through a microscopic camera, said my lashes were covered with lice. As he said it I - Read more...
12:52 (GMT+2), Mon, 16 January 2017
Wanneer jou gedagtes, aksies en planne deur God goedgekeur word, sal Hy dit bevestig deur jou 'n innerlike 'wete' te gee (sien 1 Johannes 2:20). Die Bybel sê: 'Verder, laat die vrede wat Christus bewerk het, in julle lewe skeidsregter wees. As lede van een liggaam is julle tot vrede geroep' (Kolossense 3:15 NLV).  Wanneer jy deur God gelei word, sal jy selfs in moeilike omstandighede 'n gevoel van vrede hê. Wees egter waaksaam teen valse - Read more...
09:54 (GMT+2), Mon, 16 January 2017
Die afgelope paar jare is die Zuma en Nkandla-debat goed deurgetrap in die media en deur landsburgers. Ek het die afgelope vakansie my hartsland, Namibië besoek en was dit opvallend hoe dié Afrika-land uitstaan bo ander. Met die verbyry by die ampswoning van Hage Geingob, president van Namibië in Windhoek het die vraag by my ontstaan wat die verskil is tussen dié woning en Suid-Afrika se omstrede Nkandla.  Terwyl Suid-Afrikaners se sakke geskud - Read more...
08:20 (GMT+2), Mon, 16 January 2017
Kantlyn | Margin by Cornelle Carstens
In standerd 3 het my maatjie se huis afgebrand. Die skool het pas uitgekom. Pikswart rookwolke het soos 'n verhongerde draak bokant hulle huis se dak gehang. Dit was enkele minute, toe is alles verslind. Ons was verpletter.  Nie so seer oor hulle verlies nie, maar omdat hulle van die min mense was wat 'n swembad gehad het. Vir maande lank was ons pret bederf. Kort voor lank was ons almal ewe opgewonde oor hulle "hele huis wat oorgedoen sou word" - Read more...
10:08 (GMT+2), Fri, 13 January 2017
On New Year's Day I did the unthinkable in any other seaside town I have ever lived in South Africa and went swimming at the closest beach, which happened to be Bollard Bay on Leisure Island. It was packed, but there was peace and everybody was simply happy. In fact, it was a perfect example of the Rainbow Nation actually working, where rich and poor mingled, those having popped out of their mansions perched on the beach playing happily next to - Read more...
08:15 (GMT+2), Thu, 12 January 2017
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